” Talk is cheap. Your habits show who you are. Humans create habits and then the habits create the human.” ~Sukraj, Raj Yoga Boulder
HABITS are really about self-care and self-awareness or lack there of. Are you interested in seeing what it feels like to BREAK A HABIT?  See what shifts, changes or opens up? Short-term or Long-term, you be the judge!
Here are some ideas, practices and diet changes you can try to SHAKE or BREAK things up!
The goal here is to pay attention, (tune in not out), and BREAK FREE of habitual, repetitive actions and find liberation. To engage in actions that take us out of our conditioned behavior, to create inner peace and contentment. This takes courage and energy. This takes choice and commitment. There is discomfort and fear in the unknown and ….EASE…. in repetition, of the same old, same old. To change and grow we need to do things differently and challenge ourselves to engage in radical action. Let go of fear and repetition to get connected to your own inner truth. In that place you will find clarity and radiance!
Spring has sprung and you are primed for change! Lets do it!
Daily practice of meditation and breath work can be paramount to engage and accelerate in this process and promote self, promote clarity. You can investigate this more starting with simple breathing techniques: BREATHWORK.
The physical component of using diet and lifestyle limitations to change habits is to clear the pathways so we can delve in to the deeper levels of heart and soul desires. Clarity comes when we are no longer addicted, reliant on or trapped by food choices/routine choices and must haves or cant haves. These habits aren’t really even choices any more they are just automatic responses, going on auto-pilot, cruise control. Letting go of daily caffeine alone always surprises me at how much I relied on it, felt I had to have it or would just collapse and die, but in ridding it from my daily habit and routine, I am FREE! There is so much freedom in not needing, wanting, forcing, falling into the trap of blind routine. Try ELIMINATING one dietary crutch for 30 days: CAFFEINE, SUGAR, ALCOHOL, DAIRY, GLUTEN. These are the top five food/drink choices I have seen become the most routine and when removed create the most change. Or Try a WHOLE 30.
Questions for you to ponder as you prepare the make change! 

What actions are you taking to BREAK FREE of routine?
What changes are you making towards liberation and self care?
What is serving you that you can commit to and what can you let go of?
Are you being honest with yourself in your choices or are you just passing time, indirect deception of self?



How Habits and Happiness are Linked

Happiness doesn't always make us feel happy, says New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin. That's because it's a complex state of well-being that requires awareness of both positive and negative emotions, personal values, temperaments, and habits.
Dr. Michael Gervais has a podcast series called Finding Mastery built around a central goal: unpacking and decoding how the greatest performers in the world use their minds to create amazing journeys while they pursue the boundaries of human potential.
He recently sat down with author Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen has spent the past decade researching and writing about happiness and is the author of several books, including the blockbuster New York Times bestsellers The Four Tendencies, Better Than Before, and The Happiness Project.
In this episode, Michael and Gretchen discuss how happiness and habits are linked.