If ever there is pain and discomfort go through the fire to see things clearly, to see what is on the other side.

This is a pre-BIODETOX informational email to get you primed with diet tips for starting the detox. The main goal of this process is not to focus on the foods, weight loss and eliminations but to open the mind to receive the full potential of what we want in our life when we are thinking clearly, speaking clearly and in a heightened state of clarity & focus.

ALCOHOL SUGAR DRUGS SMOKING CAFFEINE all interfere with systemic clarity so I suggest those are eliminated from your life for these 40 days. Along the way I will include diet tips and detox supportive therapies to think about but as a base line I suggest starting the the whole 30 plan. We can make it a whole 40!

This is an easy way to just eat real food, simple food and support you in this personal transformation. Changing physical habits will accelerate the process of changing mental emotional habits. Food, our relationship to food, the time we spend on meal prep, clean up, shopping, negative self talk, reward based eating, thinking of food, planning….will be altered and potentially eliminated with this 40 day plan. It is a basic anti-inflammatory diet. If you have any food restrictions then adjust as best you can. If you are suspicious of any food allergies or sensitivities this will be a great way to uncover that and see how you feel walking through the world with a clean slate!

Please visit the whole 30 website for more info & basics.