Phenomenal service!
Dr. Martin is amazing. I have been struggling with some health issues that my GP was not taking seriously. Dr. Martin spent an incredibly long time with me trying to understand what was going on and working with me to come up with a plan that I feel great about. She is always responsive when I have questions and is incredibly knowledgeable about hormones and gut health (among other areas). I feel lucky to have found her! —Katherine, Mar 15, 2018

Read over 50 verified reviews for NWW!

Read over 50 verified reviews for NWW!

Dear Dr. Martin,

I can't thank you enough for the call YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO take this morning with me.  I was in a bad place this morning and after talking to you I felt so encouraged and hopeful.  This journey of adrenal fatigue has been a serious nightmare and the fact that you took the time to really hear me and address my concerns made a world's difference in my outlook.  Knowing your doctor understands your condition in and of itself is a tremendous relief and in the beginning of all of this I didn't have that. I was looked at like I was crazy and it was all in my head.  In fact, my normal family doctor was putting me on post partum depression meds and ready to send me to counseling after telling him over and over I WAS NOT depressed just upset I felt horrible.  All that to say, I am so excited and grateful to have found your clinic.  I'm looking forward to someday meeting you in person.  

Thank you again for taking the time to talk to me.  I appreciate it more than you know.

Sincerely, Brianne K. September 22nd, 2018

Latifah Johnson July 25, 2018

The moment I walked into the building I felt a sense of welcome and calm. That feeling only  continued when I  met Dr. Martin.  Admittedly, I was nervous to see her, as I would any clinician for health issues. However, I  choose Naturopathic care because it simply resonates with me, and I prefer not to be pumped full of pharmaceuticals. I also wanted someone to listen to me, and not just treat the symptoms, with a “Band Aid”  approach. Dr. Martin met that expectation.   

I recognize that approaching challenging health issues in a naturopathic way , does often take longer and involves many layers to achieve the best results. I feel I can do this with Dr. Martin. She is both knowledgeable, patient and demonstrates a genuine desire to assist and help bring healing. She understands that our health and wellbeing are connected to many aspects of living.

I feel that we are often divinely led to certain people and experiences that are for our highest good. I feel Naturopathic Womens Wellness, and Dr. Martin are that for me.


Emily W.  Mar 9, 2018

Great healer
Dr. Roland is a highly knowledgeable professional and also a gifted healer. She has a wealth of knowledge about conventional and holistic healing (and the synergy between the two), and she also has a beautiful ability to be present with her patients as we navigate the sometimes challenging space of having and a healing a human body. I feel very lucky to have found her, and to have her help and support on my journey.


Dawn K.  Mar 4, 2018

After leaving Seattle and my amazing ND, I was having a hard time finding a great connection with a new ND in Colorado. And then I met Hillary. She GETS me. She's straightforward, compassionate, super knowledgeable, and gives me exactly what I need in a great ND.


L.W.  Feb 14, 2018

Finding my path to healing
It's been a long journey for me figuring out how to take care of my sensitive body. Dr Roland's care has been instrumental in helping me find a path to healing. I feel cared for and finally after seeing a number of different naturopaths I am seeing results. Dr Roland is competent and thorough and I plan to recommend her to friends, family and clients. Thank you.


Katie C.  Feb 9, 2018

Compassionate, resourceful, and personable
Dr. Roland is great at listening to my concerns, goals, and lifestyle stipulations, then applying her knowledge of potential solutions to create the best treatment plan for me. It's clear that she cares about her patients as people, rather than just "clients." She respects my agency in my healthcare by thoroughly explaining her thought process and the pros/cons of my options. She goes beyond basic expectations, and makes herself available by email in between visits. Highly recommend!


MaryAnn R.  Jan 31, 2018

So happy i met Dr. H. She knows her stuff and I am very impressed with all of the care that I have been given so far. I am learning a lot.


Elizabeth S.  Dec 6, 2017

Genuine care

Dr. Hillary Roland is an amazing doctor. She makes me feel safe and accepted. She values my intuition, listens to my worries, and keeps me present and embodied in the now. I’m so grateful for her knowledge, expertise, and the way she delivers it. I trust her.


Sara L.  Nov 29, 2017

Exactly What a Doctor Should Be

Dr. Roland has been an invaluable asset on my healing journey. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and supportive demeanor have allowed me to grow to trust and appreciate her immensely in the short time that we have been working together. She understands where I'm coming from and where I'd like to be, emotionally and physically. I cannot recommend her enough!


Lisa Goedert  Oct 27, 2017

Intelligent and Intuitive

Dr. Martin practices health care with heart and intellect! In this day and age, when we are bombarded with information on self-care tips, generic preventative measures(diet and lifestyle plans), and one size fits all treatments; it is essential to work with a balanced doctor who truly customizes a plan for success. Her keen listening, astute observations, compassionate curiosity and intelligent insight make her a wonderful guide to lead your whole being back to health.


Paul H Oct 26, 2017

Skype review of Internal Issues

As always, a thoughtful and careful review of the disease and symptoms with a follow-up action plan which will be implemented.


Amy Blackburn-Dreyer Oct 22, 2017

She Is Exactly What I Needed!

I am extremely grateful for having been referred to Dr. Martin by a friend. I can not express how much time she spent with me and truly took interest in hearing my story and helping me! Unlike other functional medicine doctors in the area who charge per hour (some double her price), she charged for the visit and spent well over an hour with me. She provided me with a wonderful plan for adrenal fatigue right away! She is wonderful!


K.V. Oct 12, 2017

Dr Hillary Martín is the best

She takes her time, knows what she’s talking about and performs miracles using natural medicines. She’s also not afraid to go allopathic when warranted. I just love her and rely on her whenever I’m not sure what to do medically. Everything she has ever prescribed worked to cure the issue.

Cynthia Hutchison     Oct 1, 2017

I received prompt, caring holistic service

I had an unusual health issue pop up and was able to have an appointment with Dr. Martin. She was caring and generous with her time, treating me holistically and with respect and kindness. Her knowledge was vast and she asked many appropriate questions to discern the best path of intervention. I certainly will return!


Ora Goldman Sep 24, 2017

Dr.Martin is awesome

I love how Dr. Martin tunes into me and works with me to find what is going to work. Some the things I am working with are challenging and she has multiple modalities and ways to approach them. It is a pleasure.


n.b. Sep 14, 2017

Fantastic care

I needed help with my hormone/ energy levels not being what they should be and wanted to see a naturopathic physician. Dr. Hillary does not waste your time or money and gives me clear guidelines , practical and helpful advice on nutrition and supplements all based on detailed test results. She has helped me and now my daughter feel our best . Thank you dr. Hillary and also Barbara at the front office for being friendly , professional and kind. So relieved to have found her !!


shiela r   Sep 21, 2017

How All Doctors Should Practice - Fantastic Care

Dr. Martin is a true gift! Her knowledge goes beyond lab work (although she does a thorough job at this). She treats the whole body, mind and spirit in an effortless way and always provides a personalized treatment plan. She was able to pinpoint things no other doctor could because she tested for things no other doc or naturopath even thought to test for. She has helped me heal from adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, insomnia and more. So grateful to have her in Boulder!


Lorie Perry    Jul 29, 2017

Dr. Hilary Roland is wonderful!

I have been a patient of Dr Hilary Roland for years. She has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I am very grateful to have learned so much from her. If you follow her treatment plan you will see results for sure! She is very warm, intelligent and intuitive. I plan on keeping her as my doctor for many many years to come!


Always great service!

I have been seeing Dr. Hillary Roland for several years now. The thing I like most about working with her is that we explore natural ways to maintain my health, and we look for potential problems before they happen. When going over blood test results with her, you are provided far more insight into the results than simply that you are in or out of range. Highly recommend working with this very exceptional doctor!

"I just wanted to let you know that i've been feeling really great lately."  i've been sleeping deeply through the night and waking up with lots more energy.  i'm assuming it's because of all my recent changes (plus my new equinox membership :)), but i just wanted to thank you.  i think getting off of birth control was the best thing for me.  i was a bit mood swingy for couple days last week and i've gained a little, but my skin is already doing so so much better.  i haven't had a cyst develop is over a week.  the herbs, face spray and lotion have been so easy for me to use and i'm sure drinking more water has helped.  thank you soooooo much for this start in the right direction.  ~Erika H *


*"Thank you so much for helping me get back to feeling normal!"
  Hello Dr. Martin! I hope you are doing well! I have been feeling great since I've been on the iodine and off of wheat! I even started taking a supplement called vita force every morning that has all organic natural real nutrients from real food! My skin looks better than ever and my hair is looking healthier as well but most of all I have a lot more energy and I feel great! ~Hannah S*


*Good news! "My recent PAP came back normal." Yeah!!!! I just had it last week.
I will continue with regimen but will take a break for a week or two as I am having stomach issues- maybe too many supplements. I may need more in the future though.
Thanks again for your help. ~G.A. *



*" I am feeling on top of the world Hillary." Loving cleansing and even Mike is on board.  Think you nailed it with the remedy. You are a very gifted, intuitive, talented and beautiful healer and I love you very much. ~SJ


 *Thank you very much for all of your help.  I feel so empowered now because I understand how and why and when my body is responding to what I eat. ~Diane I.*



*"...my results which show that my biopsies(colposcopy) are completely benign..."I'm writing this email with a smile on my face.  I just received my results which show that my biopsies(colposcopy) are completely benign and that I should return in a year for my next PAP smear. Thanks so much Dr. Martin for your time, guidance, and expert knowledge.  The process seemed extensive but if I had to do it all over again I would!*


*Dr. Martin, I just went for a PAP/colpsocopy - and not only did I get an all clear for the first time in years, but I also tested HPV negative.  YEY!


*Thanks, Dr. Martin!  It was great seeing you and catching  a glimpse of your beautiful baby!  I'm so happy for you and your family!  You've brought such abundant health into our home on such a deep level and our thanks is beyond what words can say!*


*Hi Dr Hillary, My doctor from Kaiser just called me and told me that not only do I have a clear pap, but that there is no sign of HPV! Pretty damn good, huh!? Thank you SO much for your help. 

Thank you!!*


*"When I discovered I had a three inch cyst on one of my ovaries I knew immediately that Dr. Hillary Martin would be the perfect person to consult.  Dr. Martin's consultations are thorough and holistic, and I believe that she is an intuitive healer.  She asks deep and intelligent questions in order to get to the root of the problem.  She isn't interested in surface healing or band-aid fixes, Dr. Martin wants to know why, and how, and from where things stem.  I can say honestly that working with Dr. Martin saved me.  I went to her because I didn't want to have surgery to remove a cyst, and along the healing journey came to understand my hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigueSince I started working with her in May I have had none of the almost 5 day per week anxiety attacks I was having.  My energy has sky-rocketed, my sexual energy has returned, and I bound out of bed excitedly each morning after good sound sleep (after years of disturbed sleep patterns and waking up tired).   Dr. Martin has helped me tap into my own intuition and to listen deeply to my own needs.  I highly recommend Dr. Martin if you are seeking to truly heal ~ she is an angel, a saving grace.  She is kind, sweet and nurturing, and she genuinely cares about people being well."  *


*To be honest I went to see Dr. Martin as a last resort. I had been suffering from migraines/tension headaches and anxiety for years and it was getting worse with a new baby on the way. I had no idea what naturopathic medicine was but my wife convinced me to go, reluctantly I went. Well, it was quite a process. I have never had anyone ask me so many probing questions and for close to two hours, tears were shed, some painful but effective physical therapy was done and I talked about things I never had before. The whole experience was a total surprise and caught me off guard but as an actor I was able to really get in to the process and use it therapeutically. When I left I not only identified some MAJOR triggers that were causing a lot of strain in my life but I felt like a new person, a better person. 

Thanks doc, I only wish I came in sooner.*


*I have had horrible eczema my entire life to the point where some days I dont go to work because it looks so bad and is painful. After taking a food allergy test I watched my symptoms disappear almost within the week. I have been off of my steroid creams completely. Actually, my over all immune system seems better, I havent gotten sick this year at all. THANK YOU THANK YOU *


*It's been a while... hope all is well with you.  I wanted to share some good news with you-- we. are. PREGNANT!   just about to hit 13 weeks and we couldn't be happier.  a lot of thanks is owed to you!  you really helped me get my body on the right track for this to work so effortlessly.  we stopped trying to not get pregnant in april and bam--- one and done.  

anyway, we are soooo excited!  couldn't wait to share the news with you. thanks again for all of your help!  *


*"Dr Hillary is unlike any practitioner I've encountered."

My search for over all health and well-being brought me to Dr Hillary over a year ago. I had been seeking a Naturopathic Doctor for sometime. Over a decade ago I explored the idea of  alternative medicine. I didn't like the results I had been receiving from the Western approach to health. Plus, I didn't appreciate the lack of personal attention that is becoming more and more prevalent in Western Medicine.
My belief is in line with the practices found in alternative medicine, and I like approaching dis-ease from a holistic approach and allowing the body to heal, function and respond in a matter that is natural and healthy.

When first speaking with Dr. Hillary I felt immediately I had found the right person. 



She is friendly and personable, yet professional without being stuffy. She is extremely knowledgeable, smart, intuitive and well adverse in her field. Working with her is truly refreshing. I appreciate her gracious time on the initial visit, her attention to detail, her continued interest with following up after appointments and her genuine care and concern. She listens with such intent, and gets to know you on a very personal level. She has a gentle way of ensuring that you are in fact being heard, that you are a priority and that your health is most important. She guides you with her wisdom and experience and involves you in making health decisions. After my first appointment with her, I felt for the first time, that someone was there for me. I felt such a sense of optimism it was really great and such an enormous relief. I knew that I had finally found someone who going to be there for me, someone to offer wonderful support and guidance in bringing me back to my best possible health.


I truly am VERY grateful to have found her and have her in my life.
I refer her out often to family members, friends and colleagues, and all have been wonderfully pleased with the results, as I am. ;)   ~Stacey Rae G*



*"I feel very empowered working with Doctor Martin."

I've been thrilled with the progress I've made with Doctor Martin!   When I made the decision to finally take control of my health and overall well-being, I reached out to her and from the very beginning I felt very comfortable with her and felt that I was being heard.  I told her what my goals were and I felt like she completely understood what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to feel.  She is very personable, incredibly knowledgeable and has provided me with excellent care and advice as we work together to help me reach my maximum health.  She has been available between appointments, through email and phone calls, so I don't have to wait to have a question answered.  She answers it right away so I can make tweaks to my daily practice with confidence and know that I'm on the right track.  I feel very empowered working with Doctor Martin and her positive attitude and obvious support of my goals make me feel that I can make all the changes I need to to feel my best!   I can't recommend her enough!    ~Carla B. Los Angeles, CA*



*"It is like we are a TEAM working together to achieve a goal of better health."


 I first met Dr. Martin through the most unconventional way. It was a through a school's silent auction. I had been looking around for a Naturopathic doctor for sometime. I thought it was worth the gamble. Boy, did I come out a winner!

From the very start, I felt at ease with Dr. Martin.  She makes you feel extremely comfortable. I think, all doctors should treat their patients, like she does. No, "white coat syndrome" here!  I told her my about health concerns. She was/is an excellent listener and extremely knowledgeable. I am type of person who likes to educate myself so I know as much as possible about what is going on with my health issues. She appreciated  it and didn't take any offense to it, unlike Western Medicine. Therefore, when she makes suggestions, recommendations or tests they don't come as a complete shock to me. Dr. Martin is open to suggestions too. I wish more Western Medicine doctors took this approach, instead of being so condescending. It is like we are a TEAM working together to achieve a goal of better health. In addition, Dr. Martin takes her time with you. It is not  an In-and-out type of office visit. This is another advantage over current Western Medicine practices. We have developed a good trusting rapport this way. I really  like the Naturopathic approach to medicine, because it works on finding the root causes of an illness though a healthier approach and not just treat the symptoms with a lot of pharmaceutical harmful prescriptions!

I highly recommend Dr. Martin to anyone! It is nice having a health professional who is willing to work with you, truly cares, and wants to see you succeed!

Thank you so much, Dr. Martin! You're the BEST!!!  ~Nancy H. PACIFIC PALISADES, CA *



*"I feel like Donovan now has a doctor who is intelligently engaged in a process with us."

I recommend Dr. Hillary Martin highly. I originally went to see Dr. Martin with my 10 year old son who was experiencing chronic congestion. I was unfamiliar with Naturopathy but I felt frustrated that our pediatrician could only recommend Nasonex and allergy testing. I imagined my boy on steroids and I knew that treating the symptoms wasn't really going to fix anything.

Dr. Martin did a very thorough evaluation and spent a lot of time asking Donovan exploratory questions. She ran a test for food allergies/sensitivities and came up with a thoughtful plan for boosting Donovan's immune system naturally. I feel like Donovan now has a doctor who is intelligently engaged in a process with us.

I have since seen Dr. Martin for my own food sensitives. I had been managing a digestive condition for the last five years. After seeing how Dr. Martin works, I decided that she would be a great consultant and guide on a healing path. ~Sarah S. Venice, CA *



*"She helped me get my health back."

This the first review I've ever written. I have been going to Dr. Hillary for years now and she helped me from being super sick to being my energetic self again. She is very knowledgeable, gentle, caring, loving and super intuitive. In my most desperate moments she was always their to check on me, to follow up, to make me feel important but yet she always stays professional at the same time. She helped me get my health back. Even if I feel very well and energetic again, I still see her for cranio sessions and I always leave her practice happier and lighter. Dr. Hillary is a GEM, I would recommend her to everyone who finds their health important and wants the best because that's how I see her as the best. And if you knew how many others I tried before Dr. Hillary you would understand I don't say that quick or lightly. I am very grateful I found her and would want the world to know. Sharing is caring. :) ~ Firouze Z. Los Angeles, CA*



*"Her warmth and gentle demeanor immediately puts one at ease..."

This review is long overdue as I've known Dr. Hillary for several years now and have really benefited from her expertise and genuine concern for my well-being.  Her warmth and gentle demeanor immediately puts one at ease and her knowledge of holistic medicine has helped me immensely with my concerns. She helped my best friend through a lot of health problems and, for that, I will always be grateful. She is intelligent, intuitive and down-to-earth. Heaven-sent, really. ~M P. Los Angeles, CA *



*"The first day I met Dr. Martin, I left her office with a massive sense of optimism and relief. "

been seeing Dr. Hillary Martin for about a year now, and she is unlike any doctor I've ever had.  Most of my previous experiences with past doctors have left me feeling unsatisfied, unfulfilled, over looked, and ignored.  My health has suffered greatly from being over prescribed antibiotics in the past, which literally wiped out my good gut flora, and weakened my immune system in the process.  As a result, I have had serious issues with my digestive system, candida, leaky gut, energy levels, hormones, adrenals and so on.

When I decided that natural health was the route for me, I knew I needed to find a Naturopathic doctor who could help me get to the root of my health issues and imbalances.  I looked and looked and finally came across Dr. Martin, who was the answer to my prayers!!  She is kind, personable, compassionate, a great listener, communicator, and is incredibly intelligent.  During our very first appointment we covered my entire health past, starting from when I was very little until now.  We also talked about life changing experiences, both good and bad.  As she got to know both my physical and emotional past, she was able to make many connections between the two that had never occurred to me before.  For example, "this" stressful event happened around the same time that my digestive system started to decline, and so on.  The way she explains things is very clear and easy for the average person to understand (unlike many other doctors who speak a different language)!

Another plus is that she believes in using diet/nutrition, homeopathy, and herbs as a main source of medicine.  This approach enhances your bodies own healing mechanisms and strengthens them.  She has also tailored diets for my individual needs, and has made them very easy and realistic to follow.

The first day I met Dr. Martin, I left her office with a massive sense of optimism and relief.  It was almost as if a huge weight was lifted, and I thought, "I am finally going to get the help I've been needing and wanting for years."  Since I have started seeing her, my health has improved tremendously.  I have more energy, my skin has started to clear up, my candida is much more under control, and I have a much better understanding of what's going on inside my body.  Optimal health is a journey, and I feel so fortunate and lucky to have Dr. Martin guide me along the way.

Bottom line, Dr. Martin is THE BEST and I am forever grateful to her for everything she's done.  I can't recommend her enough! ~A K. Pasadena, CA*


*"It's been 3 years since I saw Dr. Martin.  And I am thrilled to say those visits have had a profound and lasting impact on my life.  "

I went to her for symptoms of a modern lifestyle:  a family history of high cholesterol, low energy and frequent everyday illnesses (i seemed to catch everything on planes, at work at that time).  Today I am a new person.  I have more energy, have not been sick since and am the first in my family to bring chronic high cholesterol without drugs.

To give some frame of reference, I am not a health nut and I am not an avid advocate of alternative medicine.  Dr. Martin was realistic in her assessment of lifestyle changes for me and that has been a big part of my success story.  Thrilled to say at 45, I feel better than I have in years.  Thanks Doc! ~Christian L.*



*"Dr. Martin's treatments have been the only ones to noticeably help me..."

I've been dealing with a complex health problem for which "traditional" Western medical practitioners have caused more harm than good in their attempts at treatment.

Beyond a select handful of physical therapy regimes, Dr. Martin's treatments have been the only ones to noticeably help me and she is the most compassionate and attentive doctor I've ever seen; she actually sits and listens to you, sometimes for hours, and is genuinely interested in your well being. She's gone above and beyond in terms of researching my illness and making herself available to me for questions and paperwork and a whole host of other things.

She, also, successfully treats more common problems like bronchitis without the use of toxic pharmaceuticals -- I had stopped coughing and could breathe again normally within 3 days of seeing her for this.

If I hadn't found her when I did, after a very discouraging run of dealing with allopaths who refused to accept and admit that the pharmaceuticals they prescribe were what had caused my problems, I probably would have given up on ever seeing any doctor of any sort again -- unless I were rushed to the ER against my will with a gun shot wound or something.

I am incredibly grateful for all she's done (and continues to do) for me and I hope many others, especially those of you who have not had success with Western meds, will have the benefit of being under her care.

I realize this review sounds so glowing that you might assume it's fake, but this has been my actual experience.

Also, her Sta. Monica office is in a really cool old building. Parking is street, but usually not hard to find; last time, mid-day, I snagged a spot directly in front of the stairs. There is a garage on the opposite corner, but I think it may be for students of a school right there. ~Stokes X. Los Angeles, CA *



* results may very from person to person


Thank you for choosing NWW.

Please share your experience and help others make an informed decision.

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