Pay It Forward

In efforts to make Naturopathic Medicine accessible to everyone Naturopathic Womens Wellness offers “Pay It Forward” rates where patients can seek medical care on a reduced fee basis. Please honor this process and keep these appointments available for the people who really need the help. You can call the office for more information or enter “Pay it forward” in the comment section when you book online to receive reduce fee care.

All Pay It Forward Patients will receive a 25% flat rate discount on our regular fee structure.

**** Please remind us at EVERY visit that you request the PIF program. We rely on your support to let us know you need it so we can offer the discount.

Pay it Forward Fund: Donate The Gift of Health!

I spent most of my life working two to four jobs to pay my way through college and live a life I love. I understand what it means to want access to something to try to better myself but be denied it based on cost. Please take advantage of this offer if you truly need it and are ready to do the work involved in creating health in your life. If you are financially stable and are able to donate the gift of health to your loved ones or anonymously to the Pay It Forward Fund please inquire at how you can help give the gift of health to those who need it. ~Dr.M