Perimenopause. Join the club. This is my birthday month and I am officially closer to 50 now than any other decade in my life. Perimenopause is ON and has been for many years. Unfortunately I suspect it will be for many more. I have spent  the last five years in the Perimenopause. FIGHT CLUB and now I am transitioning to the CLUB ME! I am a new. me. Ten more pounds of me. Ten IQ points smarter and wiser. Ten degrees hotter. And much more. As if my total biome has shifted in this seven year decade. 42-49yo by entire cellular make up will be new. How to embrace it gracefully versus trying to fight starve or bitch the changes away. As a NWW patient taught me. Strong is the new thin! I love this. 

Low estrogen levels have previously been linked to recurrent infections, and the new study sought to identify exactly how estrogen might affect a woman's risk of recurrent urinary tract infections. ... They also worked with mice that were given bacteria that would cause urinary tract infections like those in humans.Jun 20, 2013