Whole 30 ReIntro PREP
Wow! Well we made it this far and I am so proud of us all! This diet has been very challenging for me but I am encouraged to say that I actually will finish the whole30 100% and am more than ready to reintroduce foods next week. In the past when I have done cleanses the reintroduction is always the downfall, a total flop in most cases and there is no moderation. So the last week of introducing new foods may be the hardest part of the whole 40 days! I figured we better start talking about it now and come up with a game plan. Whatever diet changes you made or lifestyle changes you made take careful notice of any changes energetically, mentally, physically as well as spiritually as you get closer to the end of things and start introducing new foods. Is sleep affected? Mood? Cravings? Do you have anger? PMS? Are you relived? Feel a rush of adrenaline? Bloated? Constipation/Diarrhea? Headache? GO slow and steady and see what comes up.
The whole 30 company has a great way they format their reintro so I will let them do what they do best and explain the process.
The reintroduction portion of the Whole30 is critical to the learning experience. Over the next ten days, you’ll slowly, carefully, systematically reintroduce some of the off-plan foods you’ve been missing, and evaluate how they make you feel in the context of a healthier relationship with food, metabolism, digestive tract, and immune system. 
The Reintroduction Plan
You’ll reintroduce “less healthy” foods back into your diet one group at a time, while keeping the rest of your diet as Whole30-clean as possible. Think about it like a scientific trial, where your Whole30 is the control and the one food group you are trying to evaluate is the experimental group.
This means you’ll have to plan carefully, and not combine major food groups during your reintroduction period. For example, don’t eat a slice of toast with peanut butter, because how will you know whether it was the peanuts or the bread that made your joints ache? Do your best to reintroduce each designated food group (as outlined below) alone on your reintroduction day.
Yes, you’ll likely get some added sugar in many of your “experimental” foods—that’s really hard to avoid. If you do choose a reintroduction food with lots of sugar—say, a Starbucks grande Caramel Frappuccino (with a whopping 64 grams!) with whole milk—you’ll have to deal with the dairy  + sugar consequences all at once. Chances are, however, you’ll know intuitively what to attribute to which ingredient—digestive issues are generally dairy-driven, while energy fluctuations, cravings, and mood swings are probably sugar-related. However, some side effects, like skin breakouts, may be the result of the sugar, or the dairy, or the combination of both.
We encourage you to continue to increase your awareness of how the foods you eat are affecting you even after your Whole30 and reintroduction are over. By paying attention every time you eat a non-Whole30 food in the months to come, you can learn even more about how your body reacts to certain foods or ingredients—and continue to make more informed decisions about which foods you deem are truly “worth it.”
Reminder: If you don’t miss a particular food or drink that you know makes you less healthy, don’t bother to reintroduce it. Not missing tofu, black beans, cottage cheese, or brown rice? With evidence pointing towards these foods making you less healthy, there’s no reason whatsoever to add them back into your diet. Only reintroduce those foods that you suspect you’ll really want to include back into your diet once in a while, and leave the rest happily behind.
Sample Schedule
Here is a sample 10-day reintroduction schedule. Feel free to alter your particular food choices to suit your needs.
Day 1: Evaluate legumes, while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30 compliant. Try some peanut butter on your green apple with breakfast, a bowl of miso soup at lunch, and a side of black beans with dinner, while paying attention to how you feel. Then, go back to the Whole30 for the next two days, and see how things go. Pay attention, evaluate and decide how, how often and how much to incorporate legumes into your regular diet—if at all.
Day 4: Evaluate non-gluten grains*, while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30 compliant.  Eat a serving of white rice, some corn tortilla chips, and a slice of gluten-free bread, while paying attention to how you feel. Then, return to the Whole30 for the next two days, and see how things go. Pay attention, evaluate and decide how, how often and how much to incorporate non-gluten grains into your regular diet—if at all. *Corn, rice, certified gluten-free oats, quinoa, etc.
Day 7: Evaluate dairy, while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30 compliant. Have yogurt in the morning, some cheese in the afternoon, and ice cream after dinner, while paying attention to how you feel. Then, return to the Whole30 for the next two days, and see how things go. Pay attention, evaluate and decide how, how often and how much to incorporate dairy into your regular diet—if at all.
Day 10: Evaluate gluten-containing grains*, while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30 compliant.  Gluten is such nasty stuff that we want to break it out from the other grains, so you can evaluate it all by itself. Over the course of your day, eat a muffin, two slices of whole wheat bread, and a side of whole wheat pasta, while paying attention to how you feel. Then, return to the Whole30 for the next two days, and see how things go. Pay attention, evaluate and decide how, how often and how much to incorporate gluten grains into your regular diet—if at all. *Anything made from wheat, rye, or barley.
NOTE: If this 10-day approach seems too aggressive for you, or you simply feel too good to incorporate all of these foods back into your life right now, check out our Slow Roll option.
Much Love and Peace *


We have spent time talking about the physical body, organs of detox, the mental emotional body, habits and now I feel inclined to talk about the spiritual body. I think the best way to do that is by looking at the chakras. I know about the chakras, I can probably list most of them off and make some good guesses at what they represent but I have never studied them. Now is the time! This will be a fun way for me to share what I am learning and we can explore it together.
All of this information I will be taking from my Kundalini Yoga Master Gurmukh in her book The 8 Human Talents. I highly recommend it!
~Chakra Khan!
(For those of you who got into the music of the 70’s I hope you like my joke :)

Root Chakra
Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel.” Think of your chakras as spinning vortexes, each radiating a particular energy that is important to your health, happiness and well being. These eight energy centers begin at the base of the spine and continue upward to the top of your head. The chakras are complex and radiate multiple qualities, energies and emotions.
First Chakra: Area of the body: Organs of Elimination
Human Talent: Acceptance
Color: Red
Shadow Emotion: Resentment, Rigidity
Element: Earth
The root chakra is the realm of habits, the land of automatic behavior and deep instinctual patterns we learn for survival. It sits at the very base of the spine, radiates to the legs and feet and the power center is the bowels and anus. It is our unconscious center. The characteristic of the first chakra is to “ reduce everything to the bottom line.”
“First you make habits, then habits make you.”
~Yogi Bhajan
We connect to the earth through the first chakra, and its where we return ourselves back to the earth beneath us. It is at our first chakra that we accept we are even here on earth. It is where we say “yes” to life.
A conversation about a young woman and her brother explains about how they realized after their father died that they were adult children of alcoholics and that that behavior had been abusive and ignored. They both expressed acceptance for each other and for their father. The brother who was unable to admit there was even a problem for years, was beginning to understand what their father had done to them, as well as why, and that brought understanding and acceptance to him. This brought him and his sister closer together. Such is the awesome power of acceptance.
Acceptance opens us up physically. The tightness in the lower back frees up, the clenching in the lower intestines loosens.
If we don’t feel supported, grounded, comfortable in our own skin, we are likely to be too full of the shadow emotion of this chakra, resentment.
Acceptance is an act of pure grace. It is the opposite of judgment. If you accept and learn not to criticize yourself, you will find true health – physically, mentally, spiritually.
Acceptance is one ingredient in the recipe for transforming your life 
~Are you ready to let go?
Much Love and Peace *
* all excerpts by Gurmukh The 8 Human Talents


Sacral Chakra
Second Chakra: Reproductive Organs
Human Talent: Creativity
Color: Orange
Shadow Emotion: Passionate Manipulation, Guilt
Element: Water
Each chakra is a vision of the world. It is a collection of our feelings, thoughts, values, and how we encounter the world within them. The second chakra is about passion, desire, duality, polarities, movement, change and creativity. The second chakra involves so many contradictions in us. Our entire economy seems to be fueled by this center, and yet people do not associate the idea of sexuality with creativity.
Those who function strongly in this center move at a speed dictated by their feelings, desires, impulses, and passions. The first chakra is singular and isolated where the second involves others. When your second chakra is well developed, you have opinions; make distinctions with passion and motivation. Life, when you are vibrating positively from this center, is colorful, vibrant, and deeply meaningful.
When you are blocked at this center, life is listless, empty, and the world is tedious and boring.
The best way to activate this chakra and creativity is through movement, flow. When the body is in rhythm, there is ease. When any part of the body goes out of rhythm, there is dis-ease. ~ Yogi Bhajan
“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.” ~Joseph Chilton Pearce
“In creating, the only hard part is to begin.” ~James Russell Lowell
What are you ready to begin!??
Much Love and Peace *
* all excerpts by Gurmukh The 8 Human Talents


Solar Plexus Chakra
Third Chakra: Navel Center
Human Talent: Commitment
Color: Yellow
Shadow Emotion: Anger, Greed
Element: Fire
The human talent of commitment is located at your navel point, the third chakra. It is just below the heart center, encompasses the entire digestive tract, is associated with the liver, pancreas, kidneys, and the adrenals. The bull’s-eye is the belly button.
We first receive nourishment through this center via the umbilical cord when we are in the womb. This center continues to be a strong source of energy and can make us feel more vibrant and alive when it is activated.
A person with a well-developed third chakra is usually energetic, organized, goal oriented with a powerful projection. Once the third chakra is activated, one does not have to speak to get a message across- generally that person’s presence will speak very loudly  on its own. Along with this comes a well developed sense of will power, commitment and much personal strength and stamina.
Balance is found when this center is active, because when life is dull and meaningless, we tend to substitute emotions, traumas, and problems to “ spice things up.” We tend to let things happen to us, rather than direct our choices in life, manifesting our own desires and will.
Someone with an underdeveloped navel point is likely to be seen as scattered, unfocused, without the energy to manifest his thoughts into reality, and consequently frustrated or angry with life and what it has to offer.
When you explore your third chakra and your human talent of commitment, you begin to discover that commitment is your willingness to “ be here now.” Another interesting function if the navel center is its involvement with respiration via the diaphragm.
“Your grit is not based on your muscles. Your grit is based on  how deeply you breathe. The length and depth of your breath and your sustenance are proportionate.” ~ Yogi Bhajan
“The length and depth of your breath measures the effect of your psyche on the other person’s psyche. What makes you attractive to another person is how deeply and slowly you breathe. ~ Yogi Bhajan
If you only take one thing from this let it be this: STOP holding your breath, and begin breathing from your abdominals.
Breathe right; its your birthright. If you can commit to your breath you can commit to anything! Just take a deep breath and begin.
What do you need to commit to?
Do you need to let go to make that step?

Much Love and Peace *
* all excerpts by Gurmukh The 8 Human Talents


Heart Chakra
Fourth Chakra: Heart Center
Human Talent: Compassion
Color:  Green
Shadow Emotion: Fear, Attachment
Element:  Air
The heart chakra, at the center of the body, is so powerful. It is the home of compassion, which breeds kindness and goodwill to all. On the more etheric plane, the heavens and the earth meet through this center. It is said that when we pray one prayer from the depths of our heart chakra, God has no choice but to listen and respond. Through
“Falling into prayer is exactly the same thing as falling in love. It is an infinite fall from which you never come out. These two experiences are the highest of all.”
~ Yogi Bhajan
Through this center of awareness, we move from “me” into the more universal realm of “we.” It comes as no surprise that people associate the heart with love. The heart radiates many emotions that are various expressions of love: warmth, compassion, passion, kindness, hatred. Every sentiment in the world emanates from the heart center. That is why it is the most powerful center and can be extremely dangerous if it is not guided by our intuition. This is the center that gives life its richness, depth, and meaning.
Your heart center has a certain pulsation, a certain rhythm, which is so powerful that as much as you try to hide it, what you feel in your heart will show up on your face. If you learn how to speak or vibrate from this center, it is so magnetic that you can immediately convince another person of your opinions. This is because when you are truly vibrating from this center, you are not vibrating as “me” and “you” – you are vibrating as “we.” The other person can feel his best interest, his needs, is very core being spoken to, even if only on a unconscious level.
Love has many facets. When the heart center is over-activated, a person may be too sympathetic and forget to look after their own needs or become overly attached to some object or need. A fear begins, a fear of losing someone or something.
You might have heard the expression “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Often people focus on one side of this equation- the “love your neighbor” part – but they forget about the “love yourself” part. The saying doesn’t read “love your neighbor more than yourself.” It’s “Love your neighbor AS yourself.”
“Self rejection can bring a lot of pain. Learn to love yourself.” ~ Yogi Bhajan
Are you loving and compassionate to self ?
Much Love and Peace *
* all excerpts by Gurmukh The 8 Human Talents

Are you starting your reinto’s of foods today!? Good luck.
If you need a refresher on how to do it  look back at Day 25.


Throat Chakra
Fifth Chakra: Throat
Human Talent:  Truth
Color: Blue
Shadow Emotion: Denial, Abruptness
Element: Ether
The throat chakra, the talent of truth, includes the neck, shoulders, mouth, nose and ears – the gateway between the head and the heart. It is here we learn what is our own authentic voice- what we are meant to “say to the world” during our time here on earth.
Voice and song. The reason singing has such a powerful pull on our inner selves is because it comes from the soul. When you hold a new baby in your arms, humming an cooing and singing to it are the most natural things in the world to do. We need to keep singing those little lullabies and songs every day, especially to ourselves. My teacher Yogi Bhajan has said a family that’s sings together, and thus a nation that sings together, will bring peace on earth.
“Words are not a small thing. Words are real power.
The whole universe has a magnetic field.
If we create positive words, we feel love.
If we create negative words, we feel hatred.” ~ Yogi Bhajan
The words we say do matter, and they resonate powerfully within our body.
How are you communicating with the world?
What do you have to say?
Are you holding back?
Are you speaking your truth?

Much Love and Peace *
* all excerpts by Gurmukh The 8 Human Talents


Third Eye Chakra 
Sixth Chakra:  Third Eye Points
Human Talent:  Intuition
Color:  Indigo
Shadow Emotion: Confusion, Depression
Element: None
“As human beings we were not given claws, thorns, or hooves to shield ourselves. Instead the Creator gave us the ability to develop our intuition for protection.”
Intuition, represented by the sixth chakra, located at the brow point, third eye center. This area is also where the pituitary gland, the master gland, is located. This third eye center gives us our depth and dimension in subtle worlds. It is the energy center where we can master the flow and sense of duality in our mind. For example, if our intellectual mind gives us a YES to some question, our intuitive sense may say NO. If we could master this sense we would never be confused by the various polarities in life and be able to read between the lines so to speak, with this third eye. This is try intuition.
Intuition whispers to us in many ways; one of the most important ways it speaks to us is through the language of dreams and metaphors.
Meditation is the best way to tap into your intuitive body, the sixth chakra.
Do you trust your intuition?
What do your dreams tell you?
Go inside and listen to your inner voice. Every question has an answer.

Much Love and Peace *
* all excerpts by Gurmukh The 8 Human Talents


Crown Chakra
Seventh Chakra: Crown of the Head
Human Talent: Boundlessness
Color: Violet
Shadow Emotion: Grief
Element: None
The seventh chakra with the human talent boundlessness encompasses most of the brain and is called the crown chakra or tenth gate. Boundlessness encompasses our ability to connect with the universal consciousness, the Creator, our higher power, or God. In every world religion, there is a term for this vastness of spirit. I chose to refer to it as “boundlessness,” because this is a word that evokes the majesty of this spiritual connection, and yet is not evocative of any one religious path.
Martin Luther King, Gandhi. Mother Teresa are all people who possess boundlessness in abundance. They are the true royalty of this world. They changed the course of nations with their human talent of boundlessness.
Each of the human talents is valuable, an none “ better” than any other. Most people tend to have strengths and weaknesses within the system. Some people are more naturally gifted in one of the talents than the others.
How do you connect with your higher power?
What do you believe in?
Where are you boundless?
Are you able to take a leap of “faith” into the unknown?
Much Love and Peace *
* all excerpts by Gurmukh The 8 Human Talents


Eighth Chakra RADIANCE
Eighth Chakra: The Electromagnetic Field
Human Talent: Radiance
Color: White
Shadow Emotion: None
Element: None
“Everybody is a candle, true. But everybody is not lit.” ~Yogi Bhajan
In the Kundalini Yoga view of the chakra system, we see the human form as having an eighth chakra. This chakra is the electromagnetic field that surrounds your entire body. It is your auric field, extends around the entire physical body and up to nine feet. It emanated radiance. It is associated with the color white, the color we most often attribute to light itself, or the spectrum of light as it descends from the Infinite into the physical realm. Look up at the night sky to see the power of the light, which travels millions of light years to arrive finally at our small part of the cosmos.
This is a perfect time to think about light, radiance and our connection to the infinite.
Do you exude radiance?
What things or people in your life affect your electromagnetic field or frequency?
How can you ignite the fire under your eighth chakra?
Much Love and Peace *
* all excerpts by Gurmukh The 8 Human Talents