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Last year we had a great turn out!. If you would like to be added to the  NEW YEAR 2019 detox go ahead and sign up and I will keep you posted!

Dont worry the first week is mental prep and thoughts around what detox means to you while gaining momentum to build up to starting any eliminations or focused self care you want to put into place.

You will have access to a self guided 40 day program to offer you support and ideas for a physical, mental, emotional detoxification process. Focus will be on self care, what is detox to you, breath work and meditation. 


Has Your BIOGRAPHY become your BIOLOGY
Has your life story, trauma, grief, disease, chosen path CHANGED your body on a cellular level so you have become imbalanced, stuck, anxious, have PTSD or dis-ease?
Learn how to delve into your core self and reconnect the neural pathways integrating the mind and the body, let go of cellular stress and clear toxins. Learn self-care. Learn how to redefine and recreate your STORY so you can be free of any obstacles(mental or physical)that are holding you back from true health and happiness.
How do we manifest change in our life story, our daily exposures, our pain, physical, mental, emotional, from the glass half full to overflowing with abundance?
This may trigger a reaction in you of recent political events that feel foreign or external to you or very personal experiences of abuse, chronic pain, inflammation, anger, grief, infertility, depression and anxiety.
I am offering a therapeutic experience for deep change.
Please join me!

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